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Hi, I want to buy the Studio license, but I can't pay by paypal. Is there any other way to pay?

You can now buy directly from itchio

No esta para ubuntu 18.04

For some reason Windows version doesn't run. No message, no nothing, I double click and the program doesn't run.

This happened to me. If it will not run while offline but it will run while you are connected try this. This is what he told me to do when it wouldn't work for me.

Open this file :pixelator\resources\app\js\bundle.js with a text editor, and remove line 162, which looks like this:


This will remove any internet usage by Pixelator.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your help. However, this did nothing. :( It still doesn't run at all.

are you running Pixelator.exe? Or one of the other exes in that folder?


Oops... I was running _pixelator_cmd.exe

Pixelator.exe works all right. 😂🤣 Thanks! A LOT!

can i import images for my personal gam

I know reply is probably too late.. But yes :) Non-commercial usage is free.

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Itch version working in Ubuntu 18.04. Nice. 

Download version has a some miss informations. Program say update available.  version 1.0.5 is not updated. Never version 1.0.6 version is available. But 1.0.6 version not found in download page in Linux only Windows.


An error occurred exporting the image in MacOS,How can I solve this problem?

I there is no '/ Users/ronen/Desktop/SRC/pixelator py' this path.

Hi Xso,

Thank you for the bug report, I tested and it happens when you give names in language other than English, its a common Python-2 related issues... Please try to give your files a name in English, you can rename it later to whatever you like.

Also in the future please email me about issues (the email is on the site), that's the best way to get support.



Thank you. I successfully solved the problem.

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Please upload Window file wersion

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There was always windows version, updated it now to newer version if that's what you meant :)

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