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Pixelator is a smart software to convert images into pixel art sprites and cover arts. With Pixelator you can use any source picture to easily generate Pixelated graphics for games or posters.

What is it good for?

Making good pixel art for a game can sometimes be hard, especially when you have limited time and resources. Pixelator help you generate quality pixel-art sprites using the following 3 techniques:

  • Generate: convert real images into pixelated sprites to generate lots of content, and fast.
  • Reuse: turn different art styles into the pixel-art style that match your game, and unlock otherwise unusable resources.
  • Create: paint in your own style of choice and convert it into pixel-art. You no longer need pixel-art skills to create pixel art!

Personal Version

The personal version is used to evaluate the software before purchasing, or for non commercial, non-profit projects. 

You may not use the personal version for anything commercial.

Commercial Version

If you need to use Pixelator commercially, please purchase the commercial version. 

Note: you may use the commercial version for any commercial project, but you cannot provide Pixelator as a service. For example, you may not create a site that allow users to upload images and pixelate them with Pixelator as your backend. You may only use it for your own assets and media files.

To support young aspiring devs, this app is free for anyone under 18. If you are under 18 please feel free to use the free version commercially.  

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
AuthorRonen Ness | רונן נס
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Generator, graphics, pixel, Pixel Art


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Pixelator 1.0.8 - PERSONAL VERSION 85 MB
pixelator-win32-x64-1.0.8 - COMMERCIAL.zip 85 MB
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This is by far best pixelation tool I have found, but It would be nice to see the resolutions of the images in the preview. Or even sets the desired final resolution with tools.

Fantastic. I just purchased the commercial version as I am very much in love with this tool! Thank you, my friend!

Amazing! Thank you!

Just curious, what language/IDE did you use to create this app? 

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Thanks! The app itself is a python script I converted into packed exe (forgot what I used for packing, I can check after work if you like but i guess its just whatever youll find on google if you search python to exe). 

UI is Html wrapped with electron, but if I had to redo it today I'd use C# with Webview instead. 


I Have a mac :( a solution ?

There's an older mac version that is no longer maintained but it's free. I'm on mobile rn but you can search the comments below to find the link i posted somewhere (Google drive link)

amazing software. for the time being I'm just dabbling in pixelart, but if i decide to get serious I'll definitely buy the commercial version. And even if I don't I'll donate something. kudos to the developer!

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Hey! Bought this app from you site in 2020 year how can i restore my license? Thanks! PS got paypal check


Hello, i dont have a way to restore old licenses and the old pp account is no more. So you can just use the free version, dont worry about it, and if its important for you to have a license file you can email me at ronenness@gmail.com and ill just give you one that comes with the itchio commercial version. (you don't really need but if you want- no problem just email me).

Hi! Sent you an email (on february 1) with paypal screenshot and transaction id, still waiting for your answer, thanks


Hi, good thing you told me because your email ended up in spam folder (probably link + screenshot made gmail upset lol).

I replied now with a license, let me know if you somehow didn't get it. Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Hey, I keep getting the error, Illegal Filename, even tho its in the english alphabet, do you know why?

ok, my name is André, so every folder had in its path my name, and wouldnt accept, just uploaded in C:\ and its working normaly, thanks for the tool

hi, glad you figured it out and thank you for the update

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Hi! Great program which I would love to use, but will there be a macos/linux build, or is demand not high enough so the support won't be provided?

I'm a software dev which would love to use this software for my personal projects, yet I feel like most software devs use linux/macos for development mainly and switching from one system to another just to use one piece of software would be a bit of a chore

hello, there's an old Mac and Linux versions that are no longer maintained and if they work you can use for free. I'm not on my pc right now but you can find the link somewhere in the comments below its a drive link.

Thanks :)


me who is under 18 and wanting to make doom style sprites for commercial games:

Hello, just a quick question: is it possible to pay for the Pixelator license in Brazilian real? I apologize, but I'm not from the United States and don't reside there. I intend to use Pixelator to help create textures and sprites for my commercial games; however, I currently only use the personal version. Can you provide me with some information on this?

Hi no idea what payment methods and currencies itch.io support, it's between you and itch.io they just pass me the money at the end of the transaction. 

If you're unable to buy for any reason just use for free (even commercially) its alright.



Ten outta ten, knocked it outta the park.

hey really cool software.....i just donated you 2 dollar, sorry cant afford more but is it possible that i later pay the missing 23 to obtain the commercial edition, as i really think this is the best pixelation tool on itch ! thumbs up

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hi man if you can't afford it just use it for free no worries about it!  To be clear- including commercial.  

thank you soo much :) but i promise to come back @ you donating more once i can, this software really deserves it <3

sent you 15 dollar more as promised :) still love your tool

Thanks <3

No need for any more and best of luck with your project!


thank you :) ive also recommended your tool to  some of my friends who like to create pixel art

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Is there a 32-bit version, My PC recently got corrupted and I have been having problems upgrading it to 64-bit . so I thought I'd stick with 32-bit for a while. so if there is a 32-bit version please let me, otherwise no need to

Sorry about your pc, unfortunately no theres no other version to provide..

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HeyHo. Just got your tool and wanna say it´s amazing. Gonna use it a lot!

And a good work must be paid! So I did :P



Hi, great program, how do get commercial licence, not sure how it works. Thanks

License comes with the files when you download the paid version. Thanks 


Hello! Imagine, I have used your tool for commercial. How do you found me? 

Theoretical question


You forgot to add "asking for a friend" to sound less suspicious :D

Don't worry I couldn't care less if people pirate this software and I'll make no attempt hunting you down if you do. 

I Will Hunt You Down GIFs | Tenor

Ofc I prefer to get paid, but truth is preventing piracy just doesn't worth the time and effort for a private individual like me.

So do whatever you feel is right. I will never know.  But you will always live in fear that maybe I lied. 


Nice and honest answer, appreciate

i might just be dumb, but i can't seem to make the game run at all. let me know if you want more information to help me please.

Hi can you share more details?


Hey bro, I'm under 18 and I was just wondering, how do you do make it commercial? You can't install the commercial version first if you don't have the money, but I'll try.

Just use the free version if you're under 18 don't worry about it!


Nice, bit too body focused IMO but sure everything has its flaws and that's not exactly a big one.


.. Linux sometime? <3

There are mac and linux versions but they are super old and not maintained anymore, if you manage to make it work feel free to use it (don't buy a license since its not supported version)



Thanks for a great tool!

this is just the coolest thing since we found out about fire!   I'm going to be using this to create doom enemies!

Great tool, Thanks!

Updated MacOS version, please?

You could make the MacOS version paid only (meaning there's no personal edition). This would give you an incentive to port the new version to Mac and Mac users would be more than happy to pay for this awesome product.

(1 edit) (+1)

Second this. Right now I have the old mac version with no way to upgrade the license

make a mobile version

Hello, im very gratefull about people less than 18 years can use free the comercial version but my game will be ready after i reach my 18, i still can use commercialy arts previously generated for free? Please say yes :(

Hey, quick question. I previously purchased your Pixelator from the site (now you moved to itch.io) and the version I have reads as 1.06 and claims it is up to date when I check the update button -> but this version is 1.08. Where there any meaningful changes between 1.06 and 1.08 that should warrant an upgrade? 

On a side note - this is a really cool tool you made. I used it a ton for hobby projects and it's extremely fun to change a basic 3D model into 2D pixel sprites.


You have earned my respect for your actions in letting this be free commercially for devs under 18. I'm 14 and trying to get into gamedev. This helps a lot. :)

Will this be developed further with new features ?

Just a question... If I download personal version just for some tries and comparisons and after a while I decide I want to use its output commercially, can I just buy a license and use them, or I will have to redo them? (Sorry if its a stupid question, im quite a newbie developer)

yeah you can do that no worries :)


I am quite Impressed with this.

This is great! Is it possible to not get an "old school" color palette, but instead keep all exact colors shadesfrom the original image?

Put colors count on 0 to not refuce colors to a palette

Thank you!

neat software. too bad i didnt find it last year lol

This looks incredibly cool! Are you using your own magic sauce or a published algorithm? I'm interested in the topic and this looks pretty good


Thanks! I use my own algorithms. It's not ML or AI or anything like that just good old pixels manipulation ;)

The auto color palettes though isn't mine, that's part of the PIL library.

where the hell is buy license ? 

I'm still 17 sooo yay 

yeah you don't need a license if you're under 18 :)

Anyway to buy a license you just buy the paid commercial version from this page.


aight ty

Thanks so much for providing this for free to people under 18. I just turned 19 but I've been using this program for a really long time, it's fantastic! I'll be buying a license soon! :)

When I export pixel img it is too small size. where can I change the resolution? I need HD size pixel img

Hi vizooall,

result image can either be the size of the input image or smaller (there's a checkbox to determine that) but can't be larger.

If you need to just scale up the image you can use any photo editing software to scale it, just make sure you use nearest neighbor filtering so it won't get blurry, and that you increase size in round factors so that pixels will duplicate evenly.  But if you do that - ask yourself first if you really need the source image larger and not just scale it in runtime in whatever platform you present the image on?

If you need to scale up the image with actually adding more details to it, and not just duplicate pixels, that's something Pixelator can't do. Adding details to scale up image is a whole different thing and usually involves ML 

Wish there was a Mac os version :(

There is, but its old. Check out other comments here i posted the link somewhere

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