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Will this be developed further with new features ?

Just a question... If I download personal version just for some tries and comparisons and after a while I decide I want to use its output commercially, can I just buy a license and use them, or I will have to redo them? (Sorry if its a stupid question, im quite a newbie developer)

yeah you can do that no worries :)


I am quite Impressed with this.

This is great! Is it possible to not get an "old school" color palette, but instead keep all exact colors shadesfrom the original image?

Put colors count on 0 to not refuce colors to a palette

Thank you!

neat software. too bad i didnt find it last year lol

This looks incredibly cool! Are you using your own magic sauce or a published algorithm? I'm interested in the topic and this looks pretty good


Thanks! I use my own algorithms. It's not ML or AI or anything like that just good old pixels manipulation ;)

The auto color palettes though isn't mine, that's part of the PIL library.

where the hell is buy license ? 

I'm still 17 sooo yay 

yeah you don't need a license if you're under 18 :)

Anyway to buy a license you just buy the paid commercial version from this page.


aight ty

Thanks so much for providing this for free to people under 18. I just turned 19 but I've been using this program for a really long time, it's fantastic! I'll be buying a license soon! :)

When I export pixel img it is too small size. where can I change the resolution? I need HD size pixel img

Hi vizooall,

result image can either be the size of the input image or smaller (there's a checkbox to determine that) but can't be larger.

If you need to just scale up the image you can use any photo editing software to scale it, just make sure you use nearest neighbor filtering so it won't get blurry, and that you increase size in round factors so that pixels will duplicate evenly.  But if you do that - ask yourself first if you really need the source image larger and not just scale it in runtime in whatever platform you present the image on?

If you need to scale up the image with actually adding more details to it, and not just duplicate pixels, that's something Pixelator can't do. Adding details to scale up image is a whole different thing and usually involves ML 

Wish there was a Mac os version :(

There is, but its old. Check out other comments here i posted the link somewhere

Long shot: does this program convert to the Chrono Trigger - Trials of Mana style?

hey! Can i use the personal version for game jasms

If the game is not commercial - yes. If it is, please get a license :)


well thanks and wow ..i never knew being young in game dev would be helpful am 17 and love to u #TheMobKIng  I  hope you join  my dev log sooner on

Love u becauz i am under 18 can use this commercially for free

Have fun, and congrats on being among the 1% that reads fine letters :)


This program is fantastic and is worth way more than $25. Thanks for this awesome tool and for your kindness RonenNess :)


Thank you for the program I've been looking for for 2 years

I have this error with the preview and i don't know what to do

I'm also having this issue.

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Hi SrBys, the path seems a bit weird, can you paste the full path that contains "Pixelator.exe"? ie where you extracted it? And also do you see a '_pixelator_cmd.exe' in it?


Do we have to buy the $25 license to not have the obtrusive watermark, even if we have no commercial use?


There shouldn't be watermark in the free version, unless you removed the LICENSE file or executing the exe from external folder.

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The pixelation of some special pictures is perfect! This is epic software!

thank you :)

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Hello, I downloaded the program but each time I try to open the program and I double click Pixelator.exe and it gives me an error, and it says redownloading helps, I tried redownloading it several times and it still gives the exact same error message I put a link to the error message. Please help if you know what the problem is, thanks!

Hi, just making sure you're not trying to run the exe without extracting the zip first right?


Just bought the license. Don't know if I will ever make anything commercial, but so happy to support such an awesome app.

Also, is this yours? Or, is someone taking your credit?

Thanks man :)

No idea who that guy is. Could be intentional or accidental, hard to say.. Thanks for letting me know.

linux 64 version ?


I've used Pixelator on my current project Coma State Eden, only in a few places so far. It's a well made tool that gives good flexibility and options for how you want to adjust the source image when translated.

My game isn't being sold yet (it's a little over halfway done) but will be commercial when finished.  Since I know I liked Pixelator I figured it was time I bought the license before it was commercial.

I would absolutely recommend Pixelator. It's handy for serious projects and is also fun to just mess around with for personal stuff.

Tip for those who want to preview pixelator:
If you feel the results of pixelator don't visually match the aesthetic of your project enough, you can always take the translated image and then do touchups yourself. Most of the leg work is done at that point.


Thank you for this lovely review and good luck with your game :)

And thank you kind sir for Pixelator.

Hello, for some reason the preview window doesn't show anything and it stays blank. Any Idea how to fix that :)

looks like it fail to load the preview image (there's a little broken image icon in the corner) but I don't see any error message, so maybe there's something off about the location pixelator is in, which is where the preview is created.

Can you please paste the full path of where pixelator exe is located? And just to make sure, you didn't get any error message you dismissed right?

Thanks :)

I had it in the D drive:  D:\Pixel tools\Pixelator\pixelator-win32-x64-1.0.8

and no i haven't had any error messages

Do you see any preview file in that folder? Don't remember the exact name but it should contain the word preview.

Also what happens if you copy the entire command from view -> shell command, and run it yourself from cmd?


Yes the preview file shows in the folder, I extracted Pixelator on the desktop and it showed the preview window but now the source image window went blank lol, but at least that's better

Lol strange, maybe it was permission issue? Regarding the new issue, I suspect that # in source path, can you try to remove it? UI is actually html and it's images with src pointing on the file, since # have a special meaning in URLs it might mess it up.

Thanks :)

How do I download the free version?

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I just bought the software but i cannot install it, my pc says it cannot continue installing since it cannot find ffmpeg.dll, any ideas?

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Hello :)

Sorry I don't speak the language the error message is in (is that German?) but from the folder path it looks like you're trying to run the exe from within the zip file, which wouldn't work (as the exe can't access other files from inside the zip).

If that's the case can you please extract the zipped folder first, and run from the extracted folder?


Oh my goodness, I´m so stupid. Thank you and sorry!! It works fine now and thank you for the great program!

It's OK it happens to a lot of people :) guess people are less used to zip files today especially when files explorer opens it natively like folders.

What an awesome piece of software, as I can't draw that good, this tool has saved me loads of frustrating work so I can focus on things I know how to do. when making my games.

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Any clue on how to fix this? I am the owner/admin for this pc. Also in the properties everyone has full permission.

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Hello Jacob,

Can you please try running pixelator as administrator, and if that doesn't work, save to a different location (maybe something like C:/temp-test) to see if it works there?

Thanks :)


Hey thank you, that worked 👍

Hey! This is amazing. Im really bad at making sky backgrounds for my game so this will help a lot! Thanks for making this tool, it works so well.

very nice and useful, thx


Hey Ronen, this error message keeps appearing. Do you know how to solve it? I already tried renaming the file to english words or a single letter and it still didn't work. I also tried different files with different formats.


Please check if the folder the file is in or parts of the path is not in English.



Thank you it solved my problem.

To anyone that may encounter this problem:

If your windows username has non-english characters like "~" for example, make sure you are not importing the image from desktop, pictures folder, or any other folder that may be related to your user.

Copying the image to the root of a drive works fine.

Glad it works now and thanks for the general tip :)

Hi. I paid $ 25, but I see the watermark after cmd in preview file. How do I get a license? tnx

Hi, sorry for the delay I must have missed your comment. Did you download the zip that says Commercial in its name?


wait is this made in gdevelop?

Nope, it's python converted to exe and electron for the UI.

Oh.. lol

The files looked similar to the files of a gdevelop game, i mean it also uses electron

Make sense :) electron is great btw I totally recommend it for cross platform apps (only downside is that it's a bit big in size).

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Hi, is it possible to download to Mac?

The mac version is older and not supported anymore (for now?), but here's a link:

hey Ronen, any plans for a supported Mac version in the future? thx

I would definitely pay for a supported Mac version

Hey Ronen! Just curious -- is the commercial license perpetual? I'm not doing commercial work just yet, but if I register for $25 today will I be grandfathered into future updates and the ability to monetize my work for life?


Yes the license is forever and includes any future updates :)

This may be a stupid question but does commercialization count for using sprites created from this program in something like say a game?


depends on the nature of the game. A commercial game yes, a hobby game that you publish for free with no ads and just for fun - no :)

Cool thank you for the clarification, i was hoping to start a little game project with the help of this and just wanted to make sure i wasnt stepping on any toes

one more quick question, if i decided to buy the commercialized version could sprites created on the personal version be commercialized?

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Hi, technically speaking no because the personal license says you can't use these assets commercially. But you know as long as you end up buying a license it's all good I don't really care and it's not like anyone can even tell. And you could just run pixelator again with the license.. so what difference does it make. 

The licensing is aimed at companies and devs who plan on doing commercial products (or designers who use this is as a tool) I'm not looking to nitpick at people who want to experiment and learn, especially not if you end up buying a license which is great.

So go ahead, and if down the road you decide this project is getting serious and you want to go commercial I trust that you buy one if you can.

Ps read the small letters if you're under 18 you can use it for free. :)

alright, thank you!

It doesn't work, the ccmd appears and then it closes what do I do?

do you run Pixelator.exe, or __pixelator_cmd_.exe?

Oh yes I'm sorry you're right, run _pixelator_cmd_.exe in ve of Pixelator.exe , thanks now works

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Thanks for making such a great tool.

I bought the licensed version without hesitation for my game.

Is it enough to mark the credits when the game is released?

Hi sorry for the huge delay in response I missed a lot of comments apparently..

you don't have to put it in credits, but ofc it will be very appreciated :)  also feel free to drop a link to your game when released so I can check it out 


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