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[The online demo is now deprecated. To play the released game, please check out the Steam page]

„The gates of hell are open night and day; Smooth the descent, and easy is the way:
But to return, and view the cheerful skies, In this the task and mighty labor lies.“

HellEscape is a 2D bullet hell with auto-fire and roguelike elements. Inspired by games like Magic Survivors and Vampire Survivors, but takes a different approach. Explore the unforgiving world of HellEscape, complete special missions, and uncover the hidden lore with 19 unique Heroes and over 70+ different weapons!

Early access (current) features:

  • 8 Stages
  • 48 Missions
  • 20 Heroes
  • 36+ Artifacts
  • 90 Skills (16 passives)
  • 60+ Power Ups (max level of 152)
  • 65+ Monster Types
  • 308 Achievements (35 on Steam)
  • 10 Types of Daily Challenges


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Hey! Fantastic game! I love the graphics and how it loads quickly! I had a lot of fun playing. And it comes from a guy who made a very similar game 😛


Thank you very much :)

I'm not looking for anything beyond hobby side projects at the moment so business inquiries may be irrelevant, but regardless here's my email:



Thanks for your reply! Please keep me posted about new projects!

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Please change the dash controls to have its own button instead of double tapping movement. The current setup has me dashing fairly uncontrollably while trying to adjust my movement, and any time my hand has a twitch that causes it to double tap the key.

Hi Xendra,

Thank you for the feedback. I will add an option to switch between double press and a designated key in the next update (and update the web version to have controls settings, which is currently only available in the full version).

Update: didn't implement full controls settings yet, but in the meantime I added a checkbox to disable double-press for dash + added X as alternative key for dashing.

So you can go to settings and uncheck the double press dash and use X.

Have fun! :)