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Edge of Divinity: An unforgiving platformer RPG. 

Edge of Divinity is set in a world ravaged by a mysterious plague, that nearly killed all those who were gifted with Divinity. 

Centuries later, humanity is still but a shadow of its former self. Its top mages are pale in comparison to their pre-plague ancestors, and the great empires that once stood strong are yet to recover. Dark forces seems to be slowly creeping out of their long slumber, and now whole towns are beginning to disappear. 

You wake up alone in a forest, with all your memories wiped out. The only hint you have about your past is a town's name: Travinka. 

Set on a journey to uncover your past, and to put an end to the evil shadowing this world.

Edge Of Divinity is an intense action platformer RPG, where death is just around the corner. Pick from 5 unique classes - Rogue, Paladin, Ranger, Necromancer and Wizard, and set  out to uncover your past and solve the mystery of Travinka, a mysterious town whose entire population disappeared.

The game support single player or split screen co-op, and comes with extensive levels editor, where you can build your own campaign. All game assets are intentionally left plain and simple, so you can easily modify everything.

Delve into the rich world of Edge Of Divinity, and explore..

  • Over 300 unique items.
  • Over 120 types of enemies and npcs.
  • 90 unique skills to unlock.
  • 5 unique classes, each with their own unique play style.

Choose your hero from five unique classes - Rogue, Paladin, Ranger, Necromancer or Wizard, each comes with 18 unique skills to unlock. 

Rangers are proud hunters, who live by a strict code of honoring nature and all that lives in it. They have keen senses, always aware of their environment and tuned to any danger that might lurk in the dark. 

Rangers hunt with their trusted bows, and prefer to keep safe distance from their prey. When rangers find themselves in dire situations, they will not hesitate to call nature itself to aid them in battle. They can dominate animals, call the wind to create tornados, summon animals and some say, even shapeshift into a wild beast.

Wizards are powerful spellcasters with wide variety of destructive spells. They master each of the four elements of nature, fire, ice, poison and thunder, and have many ways to summon these elements to raise havoc.

Wizards however, are not all about destruction. They also have defensive spells, and can naturally brew potions from plants and herbs, and perform ancient rituals on lost shrines. 

Be wary when choosing the path of the wizard; they may have great powers to unleash on enemies, but they are also physically weak and vulnerable to attacks.

Rogues walk the line between the material world and the realm of shadows. They will swiftly assassinate any fool who dare to stand in their way, using either a pair of daggers with extreme proficiency, or variety of traps and deadly poisons. 

Rogues relay on agility and speed rather than brute force and strength. When overwhelmed, they will escape to the shadows realm and quickly fallback to safety. But rest assure - a rogue fleeing from battle is no reason to relax. On the contrary; it only means they are planning their next deadly attack.

Paladins are sacred fighters with divine powers, emerging from the depth of their souls and their uncompromising faith. They take on a personal crusade against the forces of evil, and they will do whatever it takes to vanquish any demon or undead monstrosity that walks the earth.

Paladins can heal, bless, and buff themselves and their allies.  They excel in fighting against undead and demons, and can enter a state of holy wrath to quickly cut down an army of foes.

Necromancers are spellcasters who chose a dark path of necromancy and blood magic. A Necromancer is almost never alone, they will always be surrounded by an army of mindless skeletons and dark spirits who serves them with unparalleled loyalty.

Necromancers can raise undead warriors and fallen enemies, and have a variety of destructive decay and blood spells. Their primary weapon is a pair of magical fangs they lunge to tear the flesh of their enemies. Sometimes they can even train to make these fangs seek out blood on their own. 

Necromancers, much like the Wizards, are a challenging class to master, as they are very vulnerable to attacks.


Please note, This game will be free for a short while for testing. It will cost money later.


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